A Manic's Song

They say I am crazy and unstable
Society does not tolerate me or my condition
Some say its mad behavior
Doctors call it manic behavior
I call it a burden

It like slowly watching yourself lose control
You see it coming yet you can't help it
You don't want it yet its there
Sometimes you don't see it but others do

It ruins your life and destroys your reputation
Society deems you unfit and utterly annoying
The spells of sadness take you by surprise
They announce your pending spell of depression

The depression paralyses you
It beats you down and simply destroys you
Your feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness swallow you up
You lose yourself, hope and all purpose and zeal for life

It goes on and on and on
Then suddenly it's gone and you are back to being you
You feel lighter and refreshed
Liberated and recuperated
You feel happy and alive with a new sense of purpose and life

Mine is a very lonely life
Only those that truly love me stick around to watch me go through all this pain
Most of them leave at the first sight of manic behavior
They get scared,
I get scared

I too am scared of being alone
But it seems I have no choice
My condition has decided for me.

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, normally i would say, Crazy but i'll say good
a deep thought of...mind conflict...well written... Ency Bearis