A Manufactured Mind

Prepped in perfect privilege
entrance here is gained
honor rules of 'etiquette'
from challenge we'll abstain

So posture brow and jaw
furrow nor clench be seen
then neutral here we'll learn
zip-lipped though minds be keen

Your err ~ a pompous flex;
'enlightened' egos teach then
stamp your student puppets,
an 'A' we're left to seek

For you have made it plain
oh far-left demigod
we'll not dual principles
nor dialogue to clog

Just keep things running smooth
our master never bore
your brilliance blinding me
I grope and bow some more

Fierce swaying left and right
my balance never won
eighty-thousand later
the cap to air is flung

The truth be told just once
the world had hoped of Thee
a tug-o-war might yield
a mentor out of me

Serve me on a platter
here at last I stand
will it ever matter
that compliance made this man?

by Renee Marie

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Interesting and well said and that last verse is intriguing. Now which one of mine should I introduce next. O, I think it's time to go to - I Cannot Return - Adeline