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A March Not Made On Mlk Day

MLK was at BU when 'Jack' Taylor was there
He had no contact with him
Though both were theologs.
When I asked my sophmoric question
MLK was already a name.

I have come to admire King more and more
Wonder if someday he will live with Gandhi and Jesus
In my pantheon of heroes.

No, it is not King
But the wave of a 100,000 folk
Washing down a street
That draws me.

A good group of folk for sure
This is a great part of the lure
Rabble can not use these great numbers
To mask their mischief.

Yes, I will honor the great chieftain
When Andrew Young is an even more distant memory
From a remarkable evening of learning
But today I will let my body heal
And celebrate for a moment that flesh that held his soul
That a nation might heal and be made more whole.

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