A Marine Poem

Honor, courage and commitment as one is Pride
so pure and strong as a stallion at full stride
Its grace and beauty like an eagle soars through the sky
pride that is seen in every Marines eye

To hear the words of our nations hymn brings tears of delight
our stars and stripes waving in the breeze, a heartwarming sight
Young children with innocent faces, hands on their heart
our veterans saluting, remembering how they fought their part

these are but a few privileges we Americans have every day
we have choices to believe in God and the choice to pray
our troops are fighting with pride for this gift to you
let us show them the power behind the red, white and blue

Support our sons and daughters, husbands and wives
who are fighting for justice and freedom with their lives
Lets not forget about that awesome feeling of pride
let us unite as a nation and stand strong side by side

by kai laemoa

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I wish we could all get along in peace, submitting our nations and our selves to one another, sharing the resources of earth to help the earth.
the great sacrifices need great appreciation.........keep on going pal........
Made me feel grateful, for the Few, the Proud, the Marines, and for that matter...all of our troops. My father was a marine. Theodora Onken