A Mark In Life

What a mark I made in life knowing you.
It was mark made that was indubitably so true.

Mark's became so engraved in my life,
they were like scratches on a leather belt.
The marks all told stories of emotions felt.

As mark after glorious mark was carved in me,
I took on an aura everyone could see.

Some marks were deeper than others,
reminding me of their lasting effect.
Other marks were shallow,
as if having no lasting affect.

There were marks of joy and pain.
There were marks of loss and gain.

The most profound mark was one of love.
It was a mark of harmony like a peaceful dove.

All the marks made were distinctive.
Memories of freedom's that were unrestrictive.

The mark of you would never be removed,
and would reflected my trust.
I knew it was a mark that was completely just.

by Roilynn brown

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