Beauty Killed The Beast

So what if i'm a beast
can't you see i've a heart
With terror you call my name-king kong
but mind you, my heart is free of dirt

That woman is all i want
the one i fell in love with
She is the morning sun
and the star my nights are blessed with

When she holds my hand and grab my finger
I know i'm not alone
In my veins her scent lingers
Her thoughts make me smile on my own

The more i say,
more the words fall short
She is my precious yesterday
and the tomorrow i'm waiting for

No power in this world can ever end this love
There's no such pain that i couldn't resist
Her sheer beauty is made for me only,
and now, only her beauty can kill this beast

by Menime Soul

Comments (21)

Beautiful and well spoken
A marriage of two is for everything you stated. Very beautiful words.
exceptional poem, well written and formed.I love your rhymes the way you put it is creative.thumbs up.
It's a lovely poem you wrote, Sylvia. I enjoyed reading it. you talked about so many facets of a marriage which are fact and very interesting too. Thanks for sharing.
I never knew its true that there exist love between two till you gave me that clue..... I wish to modify a reply to your poem, it inspires my heart; -)
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