A Married To Be Divorced Man

He who looks at many,
But appreciates none.
His when a wife, just a woman as any.
Out he seeks as none to find in Perfection,
for his insatiable eyes appreciation.

Out he goes, with both his eyes,
So lost and found, as the woman that loves him most,
Inside a home is trapped into his lies,
Stripped from her wings and locked with flies.

And out he goes, so lost and blind,
Carrying out in blood his dissatisfaction
As his, the most valuable Dove Bird, is left behind
But there he goes spreading throughout the winds, his Trophies:
With his untrue words of love,
He Conquered a Dove.

Now his divorce memories to remind,
that all he kept were the old wings,
of a masterpiece, that he freed from his guilty mind,
to F R E E Fly.

by Florida Angel

Comments (5)

I personally think that a divorced man (or woman) is the most dissatisfied and unhappy being in the world. He (she) is lost and blind, keeps flying to seek refuge from hurt, and succumbs to boredom! He keeps looking for someone to love, yet cannot find it because its actually lust not love he wants.True love stays to his(her) love till the end and count only the happy moments! Realistic and true passion in this poem, top marks.
very nice 'lovely friend'......thnx for sharing! ! ! sad but true in toooo many cases.......sry that this might have happened to you my dear.........keep your head up and your chin held high.....for when true love finds you......its something you cant deny! ! ! HUGZ~ Brian
lovely popem, i do appreciate
What a tragedy. Well told. You might enjoy my poem on Divorce (and El Nino) : http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/divorce-another-matter-of-course-the-storm-brews/
Yup, they never know how good they had it until they've lost it all and the cycle continues again.......for they can't love, some, until they love themselves and stop always looking for 'the next best thing.'....like in 'waiting for their next wife to be born.' This is a really good write as well as the others I've read.....marci. :)