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A Married Woman

I received letter from my lovers
And also letters from my ex,
They tell me how their life is going,
And I tell them my life is very complex.
I tell them about my nights and day
And also what's going on in my life,
They tell me how they miss and love me
And how they wish I was their wife.
They tell me they will come and visit me
That is, whenever that they can
But because they live so very far away
They might not never but this I understand.
My ex's or lovers they don't hold a job
The Government and tax payers take care of them
While other Men work with the sweat on their brow
They never do, as they are not that type of men.
So them and I we have all this free time
We do what we want at any time at all,
Sometime we are in bed, and sometimes a drive
As I am always waiting for the mail or phone call.
So I visit my lover sometimes at night
When I am not calling my ex’s on the phone
And I will spend the whole night only with him
When I know, that he is feeling alone.
I pay no bills so I don't have to work
What I want is always given to me,
I love the life, that I am living now,
As my life is complete, and I am so free.
Sometimes I stay up all night long
So I can talk to my lovers once again,
Then in the morning I am always so tired
Is it so wrong, that I enjoy this type of sin.
I will take my daughters sometimes to school
That is when I am not tired or being rushed,
And they know some about my secret life,
But too everyone else, I want it to be hushed.
As they say we will return how we were raised
And I know I do the things that I shouldn't,
I should be loyal and I shouldn't lie and cheat,
Because I am of course, a married woman.

Randy L. McClave

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That door swings both ways. Both ways all the time. Only once I truly wanted to but stayed on my own side working hard, faithful living brought me only this a broken body, a broken heart, alone raising my own kids