Whats Gone Whats Been An Absent Revary Of An Awkward Soul

Combining threads and join them beads.
The circle life installed in sheets.
An awkward way to say goodbye.
Oh why!
Tell now you.....
Forgive i not me....
Not me for every glare.
The touch adored in thousand ways.
And all you was but soul to me.
I that have suffered long ago.
I that will suffer still.
I that that befell the subdued answer.
I that raised folly to its high.
I not forgive me.
May you do.
For Beads that binded hearts and threads.
Now unfold, crawl down in fear.
Run down them tears.
Run down and fall in hearts deep abyss.
You that was never meant to go.
You that would never leave me.
Still the questions falls on my minds plate.
Why all for one!
Why all undone!
Half cooked!

Bless you one who made me grow.
Bless you for you infinite glow.
Bless you day and night to pass.
To live a dream another day

by Furqan Asad

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