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A Marvelous Person
FD Francis Duggan ( / )

A Marvelous Person

So kind and gentle in her own sweet way
I see her often though not every day
On meeting she always smiles as hello she does say
About her she does have a winning way

I have been told she is sixty five years old
Though silver haired quite lovely to behold
Without makeup aging in a natural way
But she does look younger than her age it would seem fair to say

A widow who never bore children one who know of life's crosses of woe
Her late husband her one true love and soul-mate died of cancer six years ago
She grieved for him and for lost love none in her life to take his place
In life there can be joy and sorrow and many a challenge for to face

A marvelous person always helping the needy on behalf of St Vincent De Paul
When one is in need she is never found to be wanting she is always willing to answer the call
I often meet her when she is out walking she always greets me with great warmth in her hello
The Human World in need of more of her kind for she is one who has the inner glow.

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