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A Marvelous Thing

I have lived for sixty five years in time quite a span
And if living in ten years from now i will be an old man
And though i have lost all of the youthful elan
I want to live on for as long as i can

Live since death it is forever and though my best days long gone
For as long as i can live i will try to live on
Since any of the deceased have not come back to tell
Us of a life after Earthly death or of a heaven or a hell

Of the praises of a noble death the balladeer may sing
But the great gift of life is a marvelous thing
The reaper of lives claims the old and the young
But the dead never hear when their praises are sung

The Goddess of Nature the only god of which i do know
And my wonderment of her only seems to grow
And i hope to live for as long as i can since my soul may not fly
To god's supposed heavenly kingdom somewhere beyond the sky.

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