A Mask And The Three Faces

The Japanese say people has three faces:
The first face,
we show to the world,
The second face,
we show to our families and close friends,
The third face,
we never show the world
we never show anyone,
it was our truest reflection.

And I would like to add the fourth face,
we show to the social media
it is always curious, as it does not belong to any
of the previous three
often it is imperious, as it demands to be seen
sometime, it is hideous,
like a mask
from covering the three faces
that falls off.

by Ismim Putera

Comments (14)

Thanks for all the compliments and criticism! Looking forward to read more good poems and write more inspiring poems for all of you!
Nice interpretation. But as as social being and a democrat, one has to maintain a fine balance. A very thought provoking poem indeed. Thanks & Congrats.
I like this, though I tend to believe that the first face and the fourth face are the same face. But let's face it: the fact is that you have a very nice poem here. Thanks for posting and congrats on poem of the day!
Wow! Great work. I love this poem and I love Japanese.
The fourth mask is the one we wear when we play games with other people.. a ten..
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