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A Master's Punishment
LO (01.04.1974 / England)

A Master's Punishment

Poem By Li'l One

I follow his orders without hesitation
But today I said no
Such disobedience he screams to me
I bow my head in shame
I beg his forgiveness
But I know punishment is due
He does not forgive easily

First there is the ice
So pleasant on my nipples
But I know this is just the start
Of a long punishing night
He forces me to hide it within
It is punishment to start with
But then the trickles become pleasing
But this I am not allowed to enjoy

I am his slave
But what has he done to deserve such insolence
His shouts no more
But he knows just his disappointment
Cuts to my soul
I am the dog with it’s tail between it’s legs
Looking for my Masters approval

Still the punishment continues
To make amends
Fetch the ruler he barks to me
I scamper quickly to get it
Even though I know what is coming
I do not dare hesitate
Or keep him waiting
One hundred lashes he orders
By my own hand
I go to bend over
But no it will not be my ass lollipop red tonight

I spread myself and expose my button
By the twentieth lash I have started to get gentler
But you can not fool Master
Eleven he barks on the next stroke
I forget my place and try to correct him
PARDON is all he says
Eleven I whisper back to him

On the thirtieth stroke
He gives me the chance to redeem myself
I stand before my open window naked
And show the world that I am his
He makes me please myself
But I turn from the window before I am done

The punishment starts again
The sting of the ruler
The clapping sound of it
Ringing loudly in my ears
Like applause encouraging
My amendment to my Master
I count out myself
Strong, loud and determined
By twenty my voice is quivering
By thirty my voice is but a whisper
By forty all I can do is but grunt the number
By fifty I the ruler is slick
By sixty he whispers the magic words
Cum my dear
He unleashes my screams
He is my nightmare, my dream
He is my pain, my pleasure
He is my Master

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Comments (2)

This is one hell-of-an-erotic poem. Holding being the operative word, interest to the end.
Oh...................... Very good!