CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

A Match Made In Heaven (A.S.E.) (C) 7-9-2012

She had a heart made of pure evil, black in appearance
Beautiful she was, known to be a woman of perseverance
Hung on revenge for being born into this world
A life bent on the thought of making every man pay

Most women drove toward lesbianism, a sin she saw too great
Her hate was manifested deeper than simply changing her plate
She defiled her own body with an infected man
The smile on her face revealed to Satan she'd accomplish her plan

A seductress who tainted once high esteemed men
Contaminated politicians in the public's eye lyin to them
Caught in the webs of a womanly arachnid
Each stuck on their own separate strand from the disease they contracted

She's a Black Widow literally with multiple men under her belt
Killed without ever finding the killer but the pain was still felt
In the weakest moments of my life I fell into her trap
Allured by her distorted beauty, but I kept going back

She took on a fondness with me, she knew of my mind state
How naïve I was and so young, a distinguished woman with a blind mate
How perfect we'd be together never stressin or fightin
Voices reached only a certain height, then we'd put it in writin

Love between two completely different beings no way it could fail
A match made in heaven that set the fires in hell
We bore children together and from each of our seeds
Generally generated a generation with this deadly disease

I knew what she and I shared but at this point it didn't matter
We used our hands to shield each other's ears from the pessimist's chatter
Seein as we came out of their mouths, we remained in their thoughts
The men discovered for hypocrisy by those whose silence they bought

As we grew older in age, so did our kids
They loved their mommy and daddy and followed the things that we did
It was amazing to see the newfound ways to expand
Our poison was in the air and all that took a breath wore our brand

And when the water evaporated, it did away with the stench
The same rank that made the clouds and drinking water that filled up a trench
People kissed and rejoiced for the lives that they lived
And we're the gifts to them that'll eternally give

The genetic make up for the generations millenniums after ours
Will still have our DNA inside them, trapped like fireflies in a jar

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