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A Matk-6-Dragon-By Cauchy3
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A Matk-6-Dragon-By Cauchy3

Poem By cheung shun sang

Flying dragon transports in fates.
Who trespasses the worlds for answers.
Proud dragon strikes with instructions.
Look forward to with attentions of evils.

Sad stars response to abate.
Sink and fly is one over cast.
Poor strengths are died intelligence.
Moon hunts are in alert eves.

Beg bodies to go for codes.
Filled songs are evil long.
Filled honors are gold worms.
Beg for each in centipede s homes.

Sky walkers are years of sands.
Rickets are ancient round jades.
Waste beautiful dragon has span.
High leverage is not moral approach.

Edge turns and enclosed by sparks.
Fires over cast with men s think.’
Laws are ratio for turns to shares.
Seven ranks are Buddha life.

Who own you a tank or a law to laser?
The heart and cursed bodies are dead.
Annexed cycles are for most of the chart.
Who is in charge and over see our earths.

--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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Same old stuff. Seems like you're lazy.