A Matter Of Life And Death

Death inevitable and unavoidable
Life fragile and transient
Reincarnate what returns
Dead meat and bones left over
Wise words and poetry
Like dead sea scrolls
Alive as long as living holds.

by David Taylor

Comments (5)

Like dead sea scrolls Alive as long as living holds.I loved these words.......thanks for sharing.....
Since everything that lives feeds on something, there is no escaping the reality that death is a requirement of life.
this is a powerful poem, concise, with many themes and feelings packed beautifully into a magnificent poetic package. you are masterful here.
Death is actually simply closing our physical eyes and opening our non-physical awareness in a different dimension, while the physical is a reincarnation of consciousness in various physical manifestations - and the lovely content and great wisdom won will live forever in thoughts that are expressed in poetry - I like your poem a lot, David, the idea and the form! Kind regards, The Pink Panther. (The Pink Panther is now running around in tekkies at work, head down to watch the shiny bits reflecting light.)
Brutal and way sobering truth in here David. Good job on a subject I myself can't go near. ~ ~ ~mm.xo~ ~ ~