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A Matter Of Taist For Mother Nature

A Matter Of Taist For Mother Nature

I've got this philosophy about life,
Your heart will be exposed to keep great expectations,
Build a dream,
Make them your own paradise.
The track of time you're grounded by could move magic to your table,
Like being a sun and water soul,
you dream of...
I dream on glass,
I love every once in a while in color.

A ridged marriage to the contempt,
Filling the great gap of elementry,
Because no one wants to live a life of neglecting lust.
What's inside a relationship that a heart is imprisoned to?
Memories that won't last.
There is a key,
One that let's you see other concepts,
And yes, to leading to the conquest of space.
Someone had to stop him.
You have a secure broken window and it does not harden,
He's damaged life so you can enjoy losing.
Choose what your child would remember.
Falling asleep dosn't have to be a struggle,
Pour out your love,
Not by excess moderation but it's important to remember balance.
So I took control.
There's no joy for you that tries being broken by being silenced.

Letting yourself go are the balanced times,
I believe in what I know for sure,
Always lie in the middle of the road,
When you get thrown you get right back up,
Worry not about the hands of time,
Out here it's just you and the stars.

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