PVL ( / Streamwood, Illinois)

A Matter Of Time

Life is but a matter of time and waiting,
We but the sands in the hourglass called Humanity,
Sifted and shifted, tossed and turned, ever waiting,
Thinking we rule our fates, such foolish vanity,
When in truth we are but leaves in the wind of life,
Ever pushed and blown, scattered and thrown about,
In search of peace and troubled by the pace and strife,
Alone and insecure we walk, hand in hand with doubt,
Life is a matter of waiting, and I know,
We wait to be born, to see, to touch, to love,
And when we see, and touch, and love, we know,
That we are but sand, tossed and blown by God above,
Who smiles compassionately on all the He created, you my love and I,
Who keep His faith, and dream of a beauty born of love,
And wait with patience till fulfillments time is nigh,
Then we shall see, and touch, and speak, the meaning of our love.

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