A May Basket

A May Basket

May is a flower opening in the grass.
May is a golden smile that warms you as you pass.
May is the kiss of the sun on bare arms.
Welcome to May and her radiant charms!

Later, there will be wilting heat,
And there may be icy sleet;
Or, there will be chilling rain,
And, as always, there will be pain.

But, just in this gentle moment,
Basking in this blessing sent,
Let us raise our voices today,
And give thanks for joyous May!

by Mary Naylor

Comments (3)

A very beautiful song offering to the month of May and to the reader a gift.
What a wonderful tribute to May, It paints a picture of such joy. You have given a rare gift to your readers. Thank you, Mary. Warmest regards, Sandra
I love this poem Mary it's beautiful