Your pain is His pleasure
For the storm has a clearing
And He will begin
Once your end is nearing

He does His work best
When there’s nothing to lose
And your will is all gone
So it’s His will you’ll use

When it’s time to let go
Then you have to hang on
To your faith in the Lord
And not the things that are gone

Even peace has a price
But it has already been paid
When the son of man came
The groundwork was laid

Keep your eyes on His suffering
Then your heart will know His love
Not the kind you seek here
But the kind from above

He gave his life here for all of us
Even those you despise
So let go of your grudges
If you want to rise

It’s like life is a maze
And the walls are too high
But God knows the quick exit
He sees the maze from the sky

He just wants to guide you
When you hit the maze wall
Because the healing is greater
The harder you fall

So when your storm is raging
Know that God’s got your hand
For one day it will clear
And you’ll see His big plan

by Ryan Lee Morris

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