(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Means To Escape From Being Held Accountable

If the only thing you can produce,
Is an appearance at social functions.
And you find yourself there,
With others equally just as productive?
Know this...
Others you deem to be anti-social,
And not taking in these scenes...
Just 'may' be making attempts,
To use their minds...
Exploring other avenues.

Making a better use of their time...
Trying to expand upon their consciousness.
With wishes not to always seek to be entertained.
Or search for a means,
To escape from being held accountable.
Allowing 'their' irresponsibilities...
To be place upon someone else's shoulders.
With complaints...
About what it is done they do!

And very few today,
Find the need to reflect upon those issues,
To be important.

And in some circles,
They would call this behavior...

And in others?
A need for people to have a good time.
Everyday of every week?
And around a nonstopping clock?
To party until they drop?

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