A Measure Of Loss

What was a yard is now a meter
Though we add more for good measure
But a yard was so much sweeter
And gave us much more pleasure

Many an afternoon spent
In the yard made life completer
But only with the backs bent
On the piano, we faced the meter

What was two pounds is now a kg
Alas it does not add up too well
It has made the schoolboys lazy
On its romance one cannot dwell

And the Fahrenheit now slowly cools
To lesser numbers on the chart
As Centigrade no one fools
Excepts fools and the very smart

Soon 100 seconds will be a minute
And 100 minutes will be one hour
Watches will get tired in it
And we'll need no mental power

School may be easier, true
In the metric glasnost
But I end up feeling blue
When I remember what we've lost

by Kishore Asthana

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