'''''''' Juvenile Delinquents: Cause Or Symptoms

Everyday newspapers are
Column to column full,
With the stories of crime by youth
Without any lull.

What has gone wrong?
Why do they ridiculously behave?
In the land of Mahatma,
Why such state do we have?

Is today’s youngster
A born criminal?
Or is he a victim
Of neglect parental?

If they had received complete attention,
Due care and timely correction.
If they were guided with love and affection,
Would they have become persons of bad intentions?

Nobody is ever born a criminal or delinquent
If and only if their parents cared to teach them good values
These juvenile delinquents would have appeared
Once again on the frontpage, for their intelligence and flair.

Criminals are what they are called.
They starve but for love and understanding.
They may be the symptoms of neglect
But surely are not the cause.


by .Pd. is here

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Nice poem, I liked the words. Also what
How it is, but how we forget...........and poppies grow in flanders fields....