A Meditation On The Salutiferous Properties Of Salads

Stay away from rhynos, those lascivious horns
have half depleted human populations since
first introduced in eastern and western markets
for the sake of enhancing the traditional salad

Remember that undernourishment creates a loss of libido
and that is something, really, you don´t want to lose

for the sake of a salad, so add a few extra libido enforcement
ingredients, the traditional ones like eggs and anything else resembling
in shape, meaning or syntax 'seeds or semen',
including all things oily, slippery, viscuous, plus
(for the sake of the salad)
some chocolate or repulsive incompatibility hazard

to the poor vegan soul who doesn´t know how to improve
performance without investing in R and D.

by Amparo Perez Arrospide

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