(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Meeting Of Acceptable Standards

The only people heard 'continually' expressing,
Their entitlements expected have been neglected...
And have received less respect,
Are those who have selfishly fed their greed...
To believe the ones who 'are' in need,
Have the same opportunities.
Regardless if the keys they have achieved to hold,
Do not fit ever changing locks on those doors.

While the people feeding to do successfully,
Wish to keep to have those in need 'perceiving'...
They 'first' must be identified to qualify,
For entitlements with approval to get...
With a meeting of acceptable standards,
Determined by those feasting...
To be politically and socially proper etiquette,
With their complaints then 'decided' to be valid.

They have proven they've earned the 'right' credentials.'

~Not to be the one to express any bias.
And 'hypothetically' speaking,
If we all did happen to sit together...
Who 'then' amongst us,
Would get 'ALL' the attention? ~

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