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A Meeting On The Path
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A Meeting On The Path

a journey through the wilderness
my unicorn and I we were traveling far
so far, and far, and far we went,
past tall trees, and wildflowers on the path
we crossed a great river flowing
and there, I was enjoying the sunset
evening had fallen across the land
and back on the isolated path, I rode
until up ahead, a lone rider on a dark horse
his horse was dark, as dark as night
and even he was like the night
he was dressed in deep black, black on black
his face I could not see,
yet I showed no fear
and we met there on the path
as he was approaching, I stopped
shadows were deepening all around
and his horse drew nearer
so near was he, and still his face, I see not
and there he was, right in front of me
and his voice I heard clearly
yet his face was not to be seen
he says to me, you must be the princess,
your flame shines bright
and I says, yes I am she, sunprincess
and he says, I am searching for darkness
those whose flame has been extinguished
and he rode on through the night....

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Pablo Neruda

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you hitch hike in weird places
I must say, I very intriguing poem, I just love the ending I am searching for darkness whose flame who has been extinguished...now that's poetry!