Love In Silence

Ravishment will brim over in my slumber
When I dream of waking up next to you every morning,
Of us sauntering and gazing at the dew-drops
Dripping from the orchids´ clusters,
of us contemplating the searing blaze
of the sunrise over the pristine lake.

I´ll be delighted to behold the starry night
painted on the canvas of your eyes,
The silver beam of the moonlight
Reflected upon your face,
The slight whisper of a sigh
Escaping from your flushing lips.

Even though I know it is an impossible dream,
I will do my best to hang on to it.
I am going to love you in silence,
In hopes one day the dream will become a reality.

by jose javier berbel marin

Comments (11)

A beautiful poem and despair seems to be the theme.
Total dead spot. Not there. There. Get outa there.
Chillingly eerie and atmospheric. Great description of despair and hopelessness. Yet is there redemption and hope? This the poet leaves us to decide.
Really awesome piece of work... I recommend to read all the works by Thomas Hardy to be read will the same passion that we show for William Shakesphere and William Wordsworth and any other poet of the Classics, then only we will be able to know the real depth of the thought of this poet.
Despair, is the right word. Going from a dark form, into the black abyss of infinity.
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