A Melancholy Song

Poem By Louise Bizzari

A melancholy song
A solitary sigh
Sorrows sung so mournfully
Of fleeting days gone by

How sweet this silent reverie
So lovely, soft and clear
Will hush the moments waning past
The spectre's hour draws near

A gentle curve, a tender glance
Amid the shadows of a dance
The haunting visions souls entwine
A fractured moonlight veiled in rhythm

Upon the tempests fiery breathe
An endless sleep in endless death
Forgotten dreams in time abide
A sepulcher of love denied

Dissevered hearts now lay alone
With tears that spill from drops of stone
Entombed in Virgin whiteness cold
Her wanton kiss of Lothario's hold
To form so fair a beauty old
A time now passed in tresses gold

An empty journey an empty vaunt
A pathless boundless soulless haunt
In endless fragrance of scented rose
A trampled meadow in Sweet Repose
In garment colors of green and white
Where crickets shrill til' break of night
Gainst' the dreary darkened light
Each sheeted ghost in gossamer flight

Her dying thoughts of grief is told
In scripted verse of gilded scroll
Where daggers pierced her mortal soul
Away from life's unending toll

Her shrouded veil a poet hidden
A bride-less pledge it's sin forbidden
Where death is near and life is given
Of bitter herbs in half filled cup
To drink a toast in nectars sup

An empty kiss in languor wine
Of flooded rapture in love divine
Contained within a lost romance
Her dark disguise to forfeit chance
Now cradled in the ghost of time
Unnoticed and alone

A withered leg
A weathered face
Two rusty hands well worn
The circles trace upon the lines
Now stilled in trebled tone

A melancholy song
A solitary sigh
Sorrows sung so mournfully
Of fleeting days gone by

Comments about A Melancholy Song

A wonderful rendition and having read some of your other poems you seem truly gifted. If you wrote this at the tender age of 14, it is even more amazing. Keep writing and enjoy the accolade of being the poem of the day. Well deserved
All in all a fine poem. One or two phrases maybe stretch the meanings but enjoyable nonetheless. You have a better grasp of rhyme and meter than most on this site. Nicely done.
Beautifully written, a 10.
This is such a haunting poem! God you write well. Who are you Madam? You are a Mystery to us all? Not many woman can create the mood and 'Shrouded Veil' as you have suggested in this ingenious poem with all the right effects of a phantom filled, supernatural but yet saddened heart. If you are as beautiful as your mind you will devastate us all...please reply Brandon

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4,9 out of 5
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