(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

A Melodious Chime [rev.]

I felt restless and reflected whether a secluded
life is a good thing: should I be somewhere else
doing other things, reasoning my Beloved could
be much more accommodating - restive I reread
the words of my favourite guru - He said

We are as happy at this moment as we were ever
going to be - as happiness comes from the inside
no matter what is happening - being unhappy now
meant we would always return to this emotional
template again and again

This morning I noticed the beauty of secluded trees
& that view through the kitchen window, rearranged
my crystal ornaments, cleaned the kitchen against a
background of music - a mezzo-soprano's voice like
a melodious chime

Filled in the holes dug by the dogs - & realised that I
was happy, that life was perfect as it is - and nothing
could make it more happy or peaceful than my own
choices have made my little life…

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