(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

A Melted Heart [rev]

We can't find ready-made love, camaraderie
and friendship, we must create it - polishing,
grooming ourselves and our life-partner until
all sharp edges are filed away - snugly fitting
together; these soul-mate feelings only grow
from long gestation of devotion & integrity, in
determination & honesty true to our contracts
& promises: I’ve endured the painful smelting

Process, its like being immolated, parts of me
burnt away - but the end product is that we’re
comfortable with each other, each feeling as a
fused-together entity merging tears & failures;
of getting up & trying again to reach heavenly
feelings, kindness, comfort and consideration,
peace, trust and safety - even if its like being
designed by your own shortcomings - and

Your mate’s requirements - empathy created
by whorls of spiralling transformations; then in
old age we enjoy it like our favourite pyjamas
or shoes, snug, cosy - happy to breathe: once
you find a special one, share knowing that, if
willing to fuse hearts and minds, together you
can make a new life and risk forgiving each
other everything and remain true to each

Other for as long as it takes to melt in the fires
of your emotions - to be polished in the floods
of your feelings - then the joy of togetherness
comes into being as a new Soul Gestalt which
never existed before in this or every other life:
just like the devoted “Little Tin Soldier” losing
his life in fire to hold his beloved one-legged
twirling ballerina - all that remained was a

Melted Tin Heart - and that’s when I cry…

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