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A Member Of The I W Club

A member of the Club of Enterprising Women her great dream is to climb the social stair
With their support she hopes to be a great success that in big business she will be a major player
Maybe one day be a company director but not all dreams as we know do come true
And though nearly everybody dreams of fame and glory such dreams as we know are realized by very few.

A member of the Club of Enterprising Women though they can't
inspire her to become a millionaire
The money making gift one have or doesn't have and life for some 'twould seem is so unfair
To the club President she has tendered her resignation she will not be a club member next year
On the cost of her club membership she will be saving for one on welfare one hundred bucks far too dear.

The inspirational women they failed to inspire her for she is still in a financial hole
And jobs are hard to find for women over fifty and not much of a future for one on the dole
She will not be attending any more I W gatherings to listen
to I W guest speakers tell
Of how they made millions despite their humble beginnings and transcended their lives of earthly hell.

She thought that the inspirational women would inspire her but thought 'twould seem has proved her wrong once more
The penguin only waddles out of water because she does not have the wings to soar
And she is out of work and financially struggling and the odds are stacked against her it would seem
Of she becoming a millionairess in her fifties and of such a miracle she well may dream.

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