A Memoir To Childhood

Poem By gina prettybrowneyes

light. strikes
a silver hand
waving goodbye
to the sounds of life
to butterflies
and ice cream
in the moment
creeps down
the gleeming figure
tracing childhood's
every band-aid covered
kissing memories

Comments about A Memoir To Childhood

nice poem you can reminise and connect to your past and your felling that really helps draw the readers in GREAT work!
GINA! ! ! Just so you know, I've read all of your poems and I LIKE all of them. (but love quite a few) This one is so sensetive and moving, I printed it out and used it as my graphic design class folder cover, You are deffinetly one of the greatest poets here! I'm gonna put you under 'my friends' (once I figure out how) I'll review all your other masterpices soon! Love, Kyle
This is sensitively done and oh, so tender, thankyou Love duncan X
I liked this poem. it was sweet and tender. Great write! HBH

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