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A Memory

I remember the little harbour that nestled so cosy in
the bay. It was a memory I would never forget from a
long ago holiday
A little town that never changed beneath the summer sky
Now all that is gone and I truly wonder why.
I remember the little ships that pulled into the quay
with different types of fish that were a fresh catch
from the sea.
This little fishing village is a memory of long ago
will it ever be the same again, I am afraid I will never know
The tiny cottages and cobbled streets have all passed
away with time and even the church bell has lost it's statly
The fishmonger and baker now work in a big superstore
but I will always have my memory from when I was a child
just after the War.
This little old village is now like dead leaves in the fall
but I can remember it was alive and dressed for a ball.
I will never forget this once beautiful place, to hell with
time for changing her face.

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Delightful Sylvia, a lovely composed write and the contents were very poignant. Lovely to see you back on the site. Hope all is well with you. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX