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A Memory From Puck Fair

In Killorglin Town at old Puck Fair she sat on her pinto pony
With wavy brown shoulder length hair i recall her name was Joaney
A member of the travelling clan she looked so fit and active
In her early twenties at the most so young and so attractive.

Her pony which she had for sale to prospective buyers she was showing
And as she trotted him for discerning eyes her hair in the wind was blowing
The memory with me does remain of one so young and pretty
A traveller of the rural roads far from the nearest City.

The first and last i see of her the travellers brown haired daughter
A young woman of the rural roads her type back then did not cross saltwater
Perhaps she married one of her own kind the travellers stick together
They travelled on the Irish roads in every sort of weather.

Since that time back in nineteen fifty eight life has changed for them forever
They no longer travel in horse drawn vans with their old ways they did sever
They travel now in motor vans they once lived by horse trading
And the old memories of the past into the past are fading.

I now am in my sixtieth year close to my life's December
But that August day in fifty eight i always will remember
In Killorglin she trotted up and down the street on her brown and white pinto pony
A beautiful young member of the travelling clan i recall her name was Joaney.

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