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A Memory Of First Love

She was quite young not even in her twenties
And i was two years younger seventeen
And i loved her but the thought of love it scared me
For to the ways of love i was still green.

I met her in the famous Castle Ballroom
The old dance hall where young love used to bloom
Perhaps nowadays she might be a grandmother
My first great love from Barrett's place Macroom.

She wasn't tall if five foot five no taller
But she looked lovely she had beauty rare
A cuddly girl and she was warm and caring
With sandy coloured to dark blondish hair.

Eileen from Barrett's Place i still remember
The flower of first love never easily dies
She hasn't aged or grown old in my memory
And her youthful beauty i still visualize.

My youth and prime are gone from me forever
For youth and prime with anyone doesn't stay
But the memory of first love as fresh as ever
As such memories never seem to age a day.

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.......memories of a first love is nice....thank you for sharing ★