Later Winter Maneuver

Winter passed away with its personal victory and loss. Her business, charm, motionlessness, rigidness, dreaminess, sensitivity couldn't touch me. Spring's youthful breeze could have touched me.

They wanted to touch me. I looked back. A red ant's death made me fanciless. The hope of the blissful leaf to grow as a new leaf made me hopeful. I have touched the heart of grassy plants long. Winter is the charm of morning later a yellowish foggy shawl.

I have hidden her name inside (my) heart locket as a feather in the wings of Ghaaschorui to get the smell of Chandromollika in future wintry morning.

by Gabriel Sumon

Comments (7)

I love the feeling embedded in the poem.
ah, what memories of my younger days when i thought i was in love.richard lavelle
all I could read is jet fuel can't melt steel beams and 9/11 did bush
Very romantic piece of poetry well graced in metaphoric piece of lines with beautiful rhyme scheme. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful poem, I am surprised it is not better known.
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