A Memory Of Mcloughlins Beach

O'er the mudflats of McLouglins beach in South Gippsland it is pleasant to hear
The flute of the curlew at this time of year
Though five hours by car distant to my heart 'tis near
That beautiful music melodious and clear
To a place in the heart such a memory belong
Of the long billed shore bird with the beautiful song
From Northern Asia in the Southern Spring they journey down
To spend time on the mudflats 12 K's from Yarram Town
To the background of the rumbling of the surf waves of the Pacific sea
The curlews's beautiful fluting a pleasant memory melodiously echoing in the sunlit sky
As above their feeding ground of the mudflats they fly
At McLouglins beach in miles far away
Through the Spring and the Summer they pipe in the day.

by Francis Duggan

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