A Memory Of Tomorrow

Poem By Ashley Maurer

I was so happy when you smiled
The warmth in my heart returned again
A beam of sunlight danced across your eyes
And filled my worn soul with renewed hope

As I walk beneath this azure sky
The whispering breeze soothes my aching heart
I know, somewhere you are happy
I wait alone, watching for the sunrise of tomorrow

These blossoms, born with the spring’s new life
The moments when I can make you happy
Such rare and precious times
Always painting a vivid picture of joy in my longing memories

But what are memories...
A time that you wish you could return to
A place of comfort within the soul
Where happiness always resided
Within a lingering glance and a gentle breath of laughter...

A foreign tear joins the dewdrops of those spring blossoms
Carrying with it all of those times, never to be forgotten
Maybe we could walk together under this sky
In a time when my serene smile
No longer reflects my withered hope

I was so happy when you smiled...
The warmth in my heart returned again
Within a lost memory, that time...
The only comforting thought to confide in

Just one more time to remember your smile...
I know that as I watch that infinite blue sky
Your smiling face will lighten this breaking heart...
It will always be enough
To keep my faint smile alive
Until tomorrow

Comments about A Memory Of Tomorrow

This is a poem that should be read first when being introduced to your work... you have some very beautiful and moving lines that anyone that is separated from a loved one can really relate to, and an interesting title to draw you in... you have touched my heart with this... thanks for sharing it here! Lee
Okay, THAT was cool. So true, memories holding the happiness of good times. Awesome.

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