A Memory To Cherish

The wildering flowers are blooming in the Parkland by the sea
And nesting birds chirping and singing on bush and shrub and tree
And there is the scent of freshness in the cool clean coastal air
Days like today are perfect and perfect days are rare,
From the park above the ocean the sea looks calm today
To describe such beauty as this the words I cannot find to say
The swallows o'er the sunlit parkland in circles chirp as they fly
A memory to cherish until the day I die,
The surf waves at their tamest towards the beach gently roll
And the calmness all around me it seeps into my soul
The Goddess of Spring has arrived resplendent in her green
And the beauty she brought with her in abundance to be seen,
All is peaceful in Nature's Garden beneath a sunlit sky
A memory to cherish until the day I die

by Francis Duggan

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