A Memory To Remember

Sparrows chirp in the sunshine it is a marvellous day
And the silver gulls are calling in the park by old Port Bay
And there is not one rain cloud in the bright blue sky
A memory to remember for decades to enjoy.

the afternoon made pleasant by a freshening coastal breeze
And the masses of blue flowers look resplendent on the jacaranda trees
And the flower beds full of colour are abuzz with nectar gathering bees
And the pleasant sounds of Nature are sounds that never fail to please.

I feel an inner peace and happiness that I've seldom felt before
And I wish this pleasant afternoon could last for forever more
And though the currawongs are calling and tomorrow could bring rain
The pleasant memories of this afternoon with me will long remain.

In near to perfect temperatures just twenty one degrees
The wattlebirds are calling on the coastal banksia trees
And the nectar gathering bees are buzzing in the park by old Port Bay
And good memories of this afternoon with me destined to stay.

by Francis Duggan

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