(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

A Merciless Jill

I was in the forest one day,
With my friends and marrows,
All of us were very gay,
We were happy and out of sorrows.

Suddenly my eyes caught a pretty jill,
She was pacing like a hart,
To talk to her was my will,
She made place in my heart.

I forgot all seeing her glamour,
Going to her was my intention,
I was captivated by her murmur,
She turned back realizing my action.

As moon was her beautiful face,
And eyes were brighter than stars,
There was smile on her face,
She looked as she would reside on stars.

Her foot were light and hair long,
And was attrative, too much smart,
To the fairies, she must belong,
And her song touched my heart.

She pointed at me to move with her,
We were advancing an edificeward,
She was too, I was very gay with her,
Touched my heart her every word.

Reaching edifice, it began to rain,
He face turned into full of pain,
Telling her tragedy, her eyes began to rain,
I consoled and assured her to fain.

There she fed me fairy's food,
And her eyes showed love for me,
She sang a song in fresh mood,
Hearing her song, I was very gee.

She refused me to go back,
And gave me a bed to sleep,
I felt comfort when I put my back,
She came and lulled me asleep.

My eyes opened at mid of night,
In slaughter house I found myself,
I stood and saw a horrible sight,
Cut heads were lying and nowhere my elf,

Suddenly she appeared with a sword,
And was advancing towards me,
She didn't speak even a word,
And reaching, she stood near me.

While laughing she turned a bad spirit,
I was about to be slain by her hand,
With God's grace, she was badly hit,
By an angel, she killed and fell on the sand.

(14th February,2006)

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a very stirring piece of poetry. the angel of good killed the angel of bad.
seems like the two angels one for bad and one for the good...................we usually get enticed by the wrong me....but if we r lucky the good one saves us in time..................good thoughtful poem. don't force ur rhyme all the time..try slanting it....
wow... this poem really struck me... mind blowing words and absolutely amazing poem...infact you really created an awesome twist in the poem... truly loved it. I was holding my breathe while I was reading the last three paragraphs... +++10. keep up the good work! ! ! ! :)
Good Lord Sire! A sudden twist at the end, that got me there. Just purely and exquisitely brilliant and I mean BRILLIANT!
Narration of this poem was well composed and a reader should be able to come to the conclusion of poet's idea/story. Excellent.
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