A Mere Infidel

Life must be lonely for a mere infidel
One who does not believe in a heaven or a hell
On a god or a satan he does not believe
Yet he laugh and he smile and for lost love he grieve.

The religious zealots dismiss him as bad
Their thinking all wrong for them one must feel sad
The god that they worship and kneel to and pray
Has to be far more understanding than they.

Not part of a church group but at the local bar
He belts out a song as he strums on his guitar
With dark brown shoulder length hair and a dark brown beard
He does not look at all as one to be feared.

Some religious zealots dismiss him offhand
The true meaning of humanity they do not understand
He minds his own business and he does his own thing
And at the local he plays his guitar as he sing.

by Francis Duggan

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