A Mere Mortal

I am just your ordinary mortal of blood and flesh and bone
And one day i will be dead to life and as lifeless as a stone
Or as dead as the dodo as some are known to say
We live only for a short while and then to dust decay
No different to the ageing cow that's how myself i do see
And since she is only born to die is she different to me?
None ever have come back to tell of a life beyond this Earthly shore
And the longest human life in time not long and is death forever more
Scientists claim without human beings there would not be a universal consciousness perhaps this may be true
Yet in our lives this thing known as success most of us do pursue
Then where the hecks does this leave me am i all wrong to say
That what we do achieve in life won't amount to much one day
A mere mortal is all i am mortal in every way
And time is running out on me i have known a better day.

by Francis Duggan

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