NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

A Mere Reflection

Everyday I look at you,
What I see has changed over the years,
But what I see is you not me.
I haven't changed,
That simply can't be,
I must still be the young person,
Who stood before you,
Oh so long, long ago,
Where or where did all of that time go!

Look, let me turn on the light,
There, you can see me all right?

Come over here, I would like to see,
Maybe it is not me after all.
Surely, I don't live in the past,
Let's just get out of here fast.

Now, I never go by another mirror,
Life is just far too short,
I cannot stand what I see
And I don't want to fail either you or me.

You see life is short,
And we are just a mere reflection,
Not of what we are,
But what we want to be.

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