A Mere Shadow Of The Man

He walks stiffly with a cane He has arthritic knees
And he feel his heart race if he does cough or sneeze
Not a mere shadow of the man that he once used to be
Time takes care of all and it will take care of me

Fifty five years ago on grand final day
He was best on ground with a marvelous display
The club's best and fairest in a premiership winning year
The best in the league by far none to him near

A marvelous player at the peak of his prime
Until he became one more victim of time
Two of his grandsons good footballers and quick on their feet
With the best in the league with success they compete

He is now on his own last year his wife passed away
He misses her more than words could ever say
A mere shadow of the man that he was years ago
Eventually time becomes everyone's foe.

by Francis Duggan

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