A Merry Melody

sprinkling dance like a pouring snow
fluttering flute decorate a flurry show
tribal trance soothe a shy fellow
sol sol la do mi re fa la si do

clapping chorus awake
love verses we always take
chanting inside pleasure dome
O what an amazing adventure to home!

O du bist mein mond!
gelebter traum, der sich lohnt
das beruehrt mich
ewig bin ich

O du bist mein sonne!
O liebe wonne!
das beruehrt mich
ewig bin ich

O bunte reihe!
O wunderbare ruhe!
das beruehrt mich
ewig bin ich

O bunte blaetter!
O fruehlingsgewaesser!
das beruehrt mich
ewig bin ich

jiggling rhymes flush bluish sky
rounding gala blush firefly
sacred spell resounds
re la sol fa do mi si

mellowing cello sing
our hearts are flowing
catchy tunes mesmerize
O flamboyant hypnotize!

(dedicated to a great poet at poemhunter, Naidz Ladia)

by Ahmad Shiddiqi

Comments (48)

the poem is just right in size!
this piece is a work of a great poet and a fine musician...poem with a song is written as one, , , so nice...maybe the english one is the translation of this other language you use..thanks for this dedication..thanks a lot..naizz
i'd like to hear this melody u've so beautifully crafted with words. nice to go into another language...clueless as to what it means but it sounds pretty. -Every rose starts out as an ash-Ashes 2 Roses :)
Good write! ................... 10
A merry melody indeed. I enjoyed the poem and the melody shaped by the solfege syllables is most attractive. I will ask a cellist to play it in your honor.
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