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A Message
MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

A Message

My hair dances with the wind
Coming from the East.
Each strand declares vivid stories only
Could be heard by the mermaids across the pathways
Of fallen rocks left there centuries ago.
My heart begins to race
Knowing that my Love is nearby.
He’s invading my world,
Causing a stampede with his white horse,
Jumping over white picket fences, brushing off
Each daisy with a secret message,
While I get a glimpse of his smile.
Creating a flash of lightning that adds flame
To my mirthless evening.
We begin our journey
Sweeping off each imprint on our way
Creating thunder.
Paradise resides not too far.
The scent of freshly cut grass swims in the air
As butterflies dance forming a fable
That collides with our love
And floats into the deep forest.

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