KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )

Those Who Claim Integrity

To give people the opportunity,
To repeatedly lie.
And find fault with this...
Makes you the fool.
Those who claim integrity,
Wouldn't allow such behavior.
The ease to tell a lie...
Or the allowance of them told.
And to know it?

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love this...i totally love're so talented. <3 eni da kid
Filled with love and compassion. What a true friendship is all about! Well done girl!
Kris...Compassion, and supportare intangible medicinals for almost any quagmire of life....Your heart is gold...your soul is crystal...your pledge of ultimate bonding is refreshingly evident is the quality of this beautiful poem... frankster
Such friendship is priceless Kristin. Very lovely poem. Sincerely, Mary