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A Message, For My Love

Dear Loved one
Do not think that the bitter words I write
Are meant for you
And realize that the sweet ones
Carry my simple messages
Where words cannot continue

I write because it's what I've done
Both before
And after you
And I will continue because it's my key out
Of this hard hard world
Oh broken battered country

So do not become discouraged
If I write with bitter vile
It's not for you, trust me dear
I write because I can
I will not forget
There's no way I am able

Only realize the love I have
When I see those tender eyes of his
My father, half my own soul
A perfect man in every sense
Because perfect lies in trying
And he gives his all

So do not hate his words or mine
Realize instead the origin
Of our thoughts, both written and recieved
And do not back away
But only understand the bond
That is irreversible.

You are my love
You are my friend
I hold you in my heart
But if you hate, then so will I
And it will have to end


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Wow. Now that's a powerful poem. One of the meanings I got out of it is of someone not understanding how important family is, and therefore they had to either chopse to understand or leave. I enjoyed it. =)
i under stand ................