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A Message For You

A sadness dims, it was a while ago
The adult thinks back on the child she knows
A time of horror and of pain
The memory keeps a grip; like a chain

A child in a car, making the trip
With her father; the horrid prick
Her father molested her in the car
The journey short; it is not that far

The road he takes is a common one
Feeling horrid; she is gone
What do you do, when you are a child
To have to face this; horror not mild

Of knowing each week, that he will touch
The feeling gone; terror too much
Where can you run; where can you hide?
Can one take relief in suicide?

What do you do; when your protector is gone
Replaced with this monster, not the norm
Internalised guilt, fear repressed
No wonder she is so bloody depressed.

Facing this scene every week?
It makes her feel ever so meek
And where is society to help her out
She knows noboby helps; she has figured that out

She has told a few people and they just stare
Do they not help her; do they not care?
Her mother asked her what can she do?
The fathers probably molesting her too

What chance has this little girl got
But to stand there; with this monster grot?
As an adult, she continues on
Knowing there are many that sing this very song

She decides that she must walk this road
Take a small journey; and bloody well release this toad
What would it be like, to go back
Walk this road; but now take a different tack?

See it as a release, a journey gone
Not be so upset, not feel so forlorn
Would walking this road, take away the grief
Make her feel better; stronger beneath

Would it take away the memories of years ago
Would it disappear; making her feel so low?
She knows she is still the child
Feeling like this, she is so riled

What can you do to help her out
To make her want to shout?
Many live with the memory of this
The scene changed but nothing a 'mis

But the best thing she can now do
Is to write this poem, a message for you.

www.whitedovesnest.com - a site for sexual abuse survivors and those that support them

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Wishing you much success on your healing journey and that your work helping others likewise wounded will assist in that healing for you. A tough poem to read and for sure, to write. Good work. Best regards, Hugh
So glad that you have come out the other side of such a horrendous experience, Dovey. Listen, you might be interested in the work of Deborah Ashdown. She, regrettably, sings this song as well. Best wishes, Gina.